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Moritz Bernhard was born to a pair of bohemians in the delirium of the 80s, who gifted to him the first records at the age of fifteen, marking the beginning of his colossal vinyl collection, that blossomed and fourished with furious appetite, drinking from sonic streams all around the world.

From modern Electronic Dance Music, African Grooves and Cosmic Disco to Psychedelic Tropical Exotica and Oriental Rhythms, DJ Moe spreads the message of aural devotion and smooth sonic vibrations. Every set means the creation of a total experience, the perfect party, nutty as fruitcake. He’s a true magician of the turntables, harnessing the microgroove with dexterity and love. To watch him weave everything from World Music, Acid House and Early Disco to Yacht Pop and New Wave gems into a single tapestry is enough to turn the dance foor into a seductive realm of joy. The harmonious, but at the same time enormously diverse interaction of a wide range of genres is not a self-imposed musical concept, but always a spontaneous drift-away derived by the individual atmosphere and vibe of each evening.

In collaboration with fellow culture freaks Moritz Bernhard helped found the art collective Pomeranze (RIP 2017). He joined the disc jockey collective Tingel Tangel since and was able to unleash his spinning talents upon a wide audience over the years. 2016 he started Voodoo Kitchen, a space to cook up delicious musical abundance, that almost by itself grew into the Living Room Live Sessions. His trajectory has been set skyward, with regular appearances in his adopted hometown of Vienna in addition to international appearances fung as far as India.


For now more than nine years DJ Moe performed for venues of diferent genres, from the collective rhythm intoxication and legendary club night trips to the beaten track of rigid musical categories.

International references include various clubs, festivals and radio shows in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Greece and Serbia among others. Such as Glove Party in Barcelona, Red Light Radio in Amsterdam, Tante Emma in Innsbrooklyn, … as well as – of course – any decent location in his home base Vienna.

Being a passionate record collector where ever he travels led to an invite by Austria’s main radio station Ö1, where he presented his dug out treasures and particular sound recordings from India during an one hour live interview session.

Vice Magazine | Noisey wrote an article about Moritz Bernhard losing his vinyl case, twice! The Gap interviewed him about the beginnings of Voodoo Kitchen.



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